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Mattie (they/them) and Melissa (she/her) started Toxic Femme in 2019 to explore the intersections between queer culture and the metal and punk scenes -- and to create those intersections where they don't already exist.

All shirts, patches and bags are printed by hand by Mattie in West Philly, using 100% vegan materials and processes.

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We've been proud to use this little platform we've built to fundraise for various worthy causes. During the Summer 2020 uprisings against racist police violence,  we managed to raise and donate over $2,700 to grassroots, antiracist community orgs in Minneapolis, and over $850 to the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund. 

We're continuing to raise money for the Philly Community Bail Fund by donating a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these four shirts:

bail fund shirts