Sasquatch "Billionaires Shouldn't Exist" tee

Sasquatch "Billionaires Shouldn't Exist" tee

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Big Foot exists. Billionaires shouldn't. 100% cotton tee, designed and printed in West Philly.

Did you know that if you made $5,000 dollars a day, every day, from the time Columbus colonized the Americas in the 15th century to now, you still wouldn't be a billionaire. In fact, you'd still be worth less than Jeff Bezos makes in a week.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, as millions of working people have lost their jobs, billionaires' combined wealth actually *increased* by over $300 billion.

We don't need these people. Let's get rid of them. As to whether we do that through progressive taxation or a fucking guillotine, Sasquatch remains open minded.

Designed and printed in West Philly. No drop shipping! I use heat transfer vinyl (HTV) and a vinyl plotter cutter to produce the designs, and an industrial heat press at 305+ degrees Fahrenheit to press them onto tees! All shirts are made to order by me (Mattie). Gildan brand heavy cotton tees (or Hanes depending on availability) for a soft and comfy fit that holds up well to multiple washings.